Perl 6 Advent Calendar 2018 Call for Authors

150 words | Write a blog post about Perl 6

A Request to Larry Wall to Create a Language Name Alias for Perl 6

1875 words | The culmination of the naming discussion

The 100 Day Plan: The Update on Perl 6.d Preparations

580 words | Info on how 6.d release prep is going

Introducing: Perl 6 Marketing Assets Web App

558 words | Get your Perl 6 flyers and brochures

Introducing: Newcomer Guide to Contributing to Core Perl 6

444 words | Info on the new guide for newcomers

Newcomer Guide to Contributing to Core Perl 6

882 words | How to start contributing to Rakudo Perl 6 compiler

Talk Slides and Recording: "Faster Perl 6 Programs"

125 words | Tips and tricks for better performance in Perl 6

Talk Slides and Recording: "Intro Into Perl 6 Regexes and Grammars"

128 words | Overview of Perl 6's novel regex syntax and grammars

The Missing Contributors of Perl 6

1738 words | Information on omitted people who helped make Perl 6 better

Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

3280 words | Everything to know about colonpairs in Perl 6

A Call to Action: Polish Perl 6 First Steps Experience

814 words | Help us make beginners' Perl 6 experience better

How To Make Old #perl6 IRC Log Links Work

454 words | Find out how where PerlGeek.De IRC log links link to

WANTED: Perl 6 Historical Items

437 words | A call to collect memorabilia for a Perl 6 museum

Perl 6: On Specs, Versioning, Changes, and… Breakage

1981 words | Details on how Perl 6 language changes.

Perl 6 Core Hacking: QASTalicious

6528 words | Overview of "Q" Abstract Syntax Trees + bug fix tutorial

Long Live Perl 5!

810 words | Thoughts on the open letter to Perl community

Announcing P6lert: Perl 6 Alerts Directly From Core Developers

869 words | Info about P6lert service

Rakudo Perl 6 Advent Calendar 2017 Call for Authors

148 words | Write a blog post about Rakudo Perl 6

CPAN6 Is Here

962 words | CPAN support for Rakudo Perl 6 dists

6lang: The Naming Discussion Update

747 words | A rose by any other name 2.0...

The Rakudo Book Project

907 words | A plan to write some Rakudo books

On Troll Hugging, Hole Digging, and Improving Open Source Communities

3659 words | How to be better

The Hot New Language Named Rakudo

1853 words | A rose by any other name...

Perl 6: Seqs, Drugs, And Rock'n'Roll (Part 2)

4976 words | How to make your very own Iterator object

Perl 6: Seqs, Drugs, And Rock'n'Roll

1715 words | Seq type and its caching mechanism

Perl 6 Release Quality Assurance: Full Ecosystem Toaster

1418 words | How devs are ensuring quality of Rakudo compiler releases

The Failure Point of a Release

1973 words | The April Glitches in Rakudo Releases

But Here's My Dispatch, So callwith Maybe

3432 words | All about nextwith, nextsame, samewith, callwith, callsame, nextcallee, and lastcall

Tag Your Dists

318 words | Tags support in Perl 6 modules ecosystem

"Perl 6: What Programming In The Future Is Like?" (Lightning Talk Slides and Video)

74 words | Brief overview of Perl 6's multi-core power

Perl 6 Core Hacking: Can Has Moar Cover?

1998 words | Discussion about roast coverage of Rakudo compiler

Perl6.Fail, Release Robots, and Other Goodies

2069 words | Description of work done to automate Perl 6 releases

Perl 6 Core Hacking: Wrong Address; Return To Sender

1919 words | Following along with debugging dispatch bugs

Perl 6 Core Hacking: Grammatical Babble

3163 words | Following along with fixing a grammar bug

Perl 6's Schrödinger-Certified Junctions

1045 words | Using Junction types in Perl 6

Open Source Projects: When Ideas Meet Reality

1078 words | Discussion about proposal of ideas in open source communities

I Botched a Perl 6 Release And Now a Robot Is Taking My Job

2231 words | Automating your release cycle

The Awesome Errors of Perl 6

2762 words | The show off and the explanation of Perl 6 errors.

Perl 6 Core Hacking: Where's Da Sauce, Boss?

3071 words | Locating the source code for specific core methods and subs

Hacking on The Rakudo Perl 6 Compiler: Mix Your Fix

2216 words | An example of fixing a bug in Rakudo

IRC::Client: Perl 6 Multi-Server IRC (or Awesome Async Interfaces with Perl 6)

3615 words | A tutorial for writing IRC bots with Perl 6

[Part 2] A Date With The Bug Queue or Let Me Help You Help Me Help You

1512 words | Lessons learned from going through 1,300+ bug reports

A Date With The Bug Queue or Let Me Help You Help Me Help You

1992 words | Lessons learned from going through 1,300+ bug reports

Exploiting Perl 6 Code From Down The Dependency Chain

1427 words | How to affect code from deep down the dependency chain

Perl 6 Hands-On Workshop: Weatherapp (Part 3)

2243 words | Developing a weather reporting application. Part 3: writing tests

Perl 6 Hands-On Workshop: Weatherapp (Part 2)

2630 words | Developing a weather reporting application. Part 2: planning and writing design documentation.

Perl 6 Hands-On Workshop: Weatherapp (Part 1)

1628 words | Developing a weather reporting application. Part 1: narrowing scope and doing research.

Perl 6 .polymod: Break Up a Number Into Denominations

1380 words | Everything about .polymod method.

"Anguish": Invisible Programming Language and Invisible Data Theft

1417 words | Description of a variant of Brainfuck that uses invisible Unicode characters for its operators and examination of the implication of invisible code on security.

Perl 6 NativeCall: Look, Ma! I'm a C Programmer!

1076 words | Using shared C libraries from Perl 6—no C compiler needed.

There Are Traitors In Our Midst!

1360 words | Examination of Perl 6's built-in traits.

The S/// Operator

1158 words | Everything about how to use the S/// non-destructive substitution operator.

Extra-Typical Perl 6

1256 words | Extending Perl 6's existing types.

Comb It!

875 words | Everything about .comb method.

Perl 6 Is Slower Than My Fat Momma!

1357 words | A response to those who question Perl 6's performance and answers to those who are genuinely curious.

Types: Made for Humans

1513 words | Description of Perl 6's type system and how to define your own subsets.

"Wow, Perl 6!" Talk: Slides, Recording, and Answers to Questions

684 words | The overview of cool bits of Perl 6.

Perl 6: The Next Node.js, Done Right

634 words | Discussion on Perl 6's JavaScript backend work in progress.

How to Make a Perl 6 Module (Bit Rot Thursday)

964 words | Discussion of steps involved in publishing a Perl 6 modules into the Perl 6 ecosystem.

Perl 6: Shortcuts (Part 1)

1421 words | Examination of available ways to write more concise code.

.rotor: The King of List Manipulation

1391 words | All about .rotor method for making sublists out of lists.

Bit Rot Thursday

1938 words | A plan to combat Bit Rot in software. Cause and solutions.

Perl 6 is written in... Perl 6

499 words | Discussion of Rakudo Perl 6 compiler's implementation.

Python is The New "Write-Only, Linenoise" Language

846 words | Attempting to answer most commonly asked Python StackOverflow questions in Perl 6.

The Perl 6 User Experience

1229 words | Announcement of Perl 6's User Experience repository.

Why in The World Would Anyone Use Perl 6?

660 words | Musings on why Perl 6 is awesome.