How To Make Old #perl6 IRC Log Links Work

2018-06-06 | 454 words | Find out how where PerlGeek.De IRC log links link to

As you may know, recent European legislation resulted in our primary #perl6 channel logger going offline.

Our secondary logger is still available with a significant portion of the primary logger's data. However, the biggest problem is there are still a ton of links to the primary logger in things like commit messages and Issues.

How to figure out what messages those links refer to now? I'm gonna tell you.

Log Mapper

The owner of the primary logger was kind enough to provide me a dump SHA1 hashes of #perl6 channel messages, together with their database IDs. The IDs are used as hash part of the URLs that link to specific lines in the old log. The URLs also contain the date and the channel.

Given all of that info, the log mapper looks up the SHA hash in the database, then goes to the new loger and looks which messages for that date in that channel hashes to the same SHA hash. From that, the mapper knows which line on the new logger to link to, and it redirects there.

So, say, we want to know what discussion message of commit 792e1fa links to. We take the original URL:

And change the domain to

The mapper does its thing, and redirects us to:

Which is the message the commit links to.

In fact, if you add this to your hosts file (/etc/hosts on *nix; C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows):

Then you can simply visit the original URL in your browser (confirm SSL cert exception, because I couldn't figure out how to make it work with proper SSL), and that's it. You can now just click the original URLs to logs and get proper content.

UPDATE: the above redirect is no longer needed. The old log site now redirects to the mapper automatically.

What's Available

The available data is the intersection of sets of when the secondary logger became active, which for #perl6 channel is 2005-02-26, and when the primary logger was disabled, which is around 2018-06-04.

Only the #perl6 channel data is available. Despite the primary logger being in operation in #perl6-dev and #moarvm, the secondary logger was enabled in them only a few days ago, so sadly a lot of the more recentish dev commits won't have working URLs.

UPDATE: we're working on the final piece required to bring back the logs from the rest of Perl 6/MoarVM channels.


Some of the logs are now available. If more alternative loggers to map to are available, I'm sure the owner of the now-disabled will dump the hashes for other channels, so we can restore those logs too.

If you have those loggers, ping me on Twitter.